Lacewing Farms 8301 Coppock Rd Corryton, TN
    Lacewing Farms                                     8301 Coppock Rd Corryton, TN

About Our Farm

Who we are

Brian Ader and Christina Smith are graduates from Middle Tennessee State University. I studied Animal Biology, and Brian studied Plant and Soil Sciences. He worked at Rocky Glade Farm, a diversified family farm near Nashville for a few years before moving back home to Knoxville.  


With much support from family we started growing produce for market in January 2014. We built the greenhouse and had 0.7 acres of garden space to work with for our first year. In the spring of 2015 we found the farm; it is a beautiful piece of property in Corryton in northeast Knox county. With 27 acres of rolling pasture, woods, and flat fields, there is plenty of room for expansion and diversification. We are starting our 5th season of market gardening this year and get so much pleasure in growing food for the community. Please contact us if you'd like to come out for a visit.


We try to provide great food while focusing on soil and water conservation, our carbon  footprint, and the ecological web. 

I think that anybody can grow produce, really, but it's how you do it that makes you stand out. We believe in a more holistic approach. We want to feed and nourish our soil and soil microbes and let the plants flourish from the soil.

This is farming. It is a cycle. It is how nature intended. 

Insect management practices - In a lot of cases we implement physical removal and that worked out really well for us in some cases (last year's potato beetle problem was pretty much eliminated by one afternoon of squishing bugs/larva) When we decide that we need to use biological/chemical means of control we only use OMRI certified organic solutions in a minimized quantity. 

(Sorry if you find a bug in your food, please rinse first)

If you have any questions about our practices please feel free to ask.

*We follow organic standards, but are not certified.* (maybe one day, we will become certified)

Why Lacewing?

Lacewings are small insects found throughout the summer. Like ladybugs, they are beneficial garden insects known for their help with aphid problems. Lacewing eggs can be purchased, or certain flowers planted to attract these insects to your garden to provide a natural pest control; they are small, but can make a big difference. By promoting the presence of beneficial insects, we practice integrated pest management (IPM), which can be very helpful when growing organically. We try to work with nature, not against it while growing produce. Lacewings are also known for their longevity. Our goal is to promote longevity in our customers, our earth, and ourselves through natural practices and healthy food.


Be sure to keep your eyes open for them in the summer, they are attracted to lights at night. 


September 2015

Doug's Other Honey beehives are now at our farm! We have 30 beehives out in one of our fields and find pleasure daily in seeing the bees pollinating our crops.

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