Lacewing Farms 8301 Coppock Rd Corryton, TN
    Lacewing Farms                                     8301 Coppock Rd Corryton, TN

2018 CSA information:

For 2018 we are offering a two-term CSA membership May through July and September through November. By doing this, we are able to offer more variety by including multiple seasons and allowing for a break at the end of the peak summer crops. You will receive a produce share each week containing a variety of fresh, seasonal vegetables. *Egg option also available.

There will be 13 weeks in the first term this year.

And 12 weeks in the second term, as the last pickup will be Nov. 17th.

Feel free to sign up for both terms, or just one.

Please choose one pick-up location to use through the duration of your subscription. 


Pick-up locations and times:

Wednesday  Three Rivers Market                     5:30-6pm

Saturday      Market Square Farmers' Market   9am-2pm



Each box will contain $20 worth of produce.

The total for a single term subscription = $260 ($338 with eggs)

The total for both term subscription = $500 ($650 with eggs)


Please email to secure your spot in our CSA.


Payment can be made by cash, card,  paypal, or by mailing a check to:

8301 Coppock Rd 

Corryton, TN37721


CSA shares are limited, and you are not guaranteed a share until payment is made. 


*Shares can also include a dozen eggs, at $6/dozen ($1 off). Pastured, free-range chickens.  Fed Organic, Soy-free, Non-GMO feed. 


Please realize that by joining this CSA you are investing in this farm and you will reap the benefits and share the risks.

NEW Market Share

This year we are offering a different type of share for our busy members who can't make it to market every week. With this option, you can still invest in us, but with low commitment. You pay up front (whatever amount you want) and we will load that amount onto one of our Market Share cards and give that to you to use throughout the season. This option lets you buy what you want, when you want it. Please note, the produce will be on a first come, first serve basis. Since we are not boxing up the produce and setting it aside (as in our standard CSA option), you will be choosing from what is on the table at market when you arrive. If we bring limited amount of something, and you arrive at the end of market, you might not get a chance to pick from everything. This being said, if you come early, you get first dibs. This card can be loaded and reloaded at any time during the year. Please let us know if you have any questions or comments about it, as it is our first year trying this.

This is also a great gift idea!


September 2015

Doug's Other Honey beehives are now at our farm! We have 30 beehives out in one of our fields and find pleasure daily in seeing the bees pollinating our crops.

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